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Sauna World

Steam room:

Temperature: 40-50 oC, Humidity: 100%

Steam rooms help relaxation and provide enjoyable, almost psychotropic effects. Their regular use can eliminate everyday stress, help muscle relaxation, body regeneration, cleansing of the skin, stimulate the blood supply of the inner organs, as well as help cure respiratory diseases. Regular use of the steam room can help with losing weight, detoxification, and the tightening of sagging skin so that it can become smoother, and is also an effective tool in fighting cellulite.

Finnish sauna:

Temperature: 85-100 oC, Humidity: 10%

Besides being a pleasurable pastime, it has a fantastic effect on your body.

Sitting in a sauna stimulates metabolism, doing it regularly strengthens the immune system. The high temperature causes the body to protect itself and in this way it gets stronger and can fight diseases more easily. Furthermore, it puts you in a good mood, helps release stress, and gives you  a relaxed sleep.

Mush ice well:

Having small snow pellets thrown on your body or rubbed into your skin is a most peculiar way of taking a cold bath. The ice cools down the skin very effectively, stimulates circulation, closes the pores and has an excellent painkilling effect.

Herbarium, or light and aromatherapy room:

Temperature: 40-50 oC, Humidity: 40-55%

The mood enhancing effects of colourful lights are well known. Relaxing music with refreshing tunes also adds to a harmonious feeling of life.

Halotherapy room or salt brick room:

Temperature: 40-50 oC

"Man can live without gold, but not without salt." /Cassiodorus, Roman historian/

Along with water, salt has a unique role in the processes of human metabolism. The therapeutic application of common salt and salts of other halogen elements is called halotherapy.

We can only notice the therapeutic effects of using a salt room after several treatments. Without water solutions of natural salts there would be no thinking, no speech, no muscle contractions, not even the capability of moving. Water and salt together energize and activate the body, as well as control its metabolic processes.

Salt rooms are exceptionally beneficial in fighting diseases of the upper and lower respiratory airways such as asthma.

Spa shower:

Almost all our senses are involved in this program that lasts for several minutes. Different types of rain with different temperatures and different characteristics (a drizzle, a downpour with big raindrops, etc.) picture for us the formation, raging and termination of a tropical storm. The  initial drizzling and then pouring rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning, and the aromas added to the water enchant us with the fragrance of a fresh summer rain. The end of the storm is signalled by birds chirping.

Cold shower:

When you leave the sauna you need to gradually cool off. This is part of the authentic Scandinavian experience. Because of the cold or icy water your blood circulation becomes invigorated, and the veins and blood vessels constrict. This boosts your immune system so it can protect you more effectively.

Relax room:

Everyone likes sometimes to just be alone and enjoy the silence and peace. Being an island of cozy relaxation, our relax room can help you in exactly that.